Modern Dentistry in Tuscaloosa

A Tuscaloosa Dentist Our Parents Never Had

As dental patients here in Tuscaloosa we are lucky to have the type of dental care our parents never had. With advances in technology, even a trip to the dentist doesn’t have to be a cause for anxiety or fear – actually its been this way for awhile.

From things like sophisticated lasers that would make Dr. Evil proud, to intraoral cameras, to computer-assisted anesthesia, modern dentistry is here to stay – here in Tuscaloosa – and pretty much everywhere else around the country.

To take a look inside our practice and our brand of experienced conservative dentistry, Dr. Kimbrell would like to share some info on how we use these technological advancements to improve comfort and application for those patients requiring dental implants here in Tuscaloosa.

Computer Guided Dental Implant Placement in Tuscaloosa

Our computer guided implant approach is to begin with the type of appliance the patient wants when their case is finished and place implants in the most ideal position to support that appliance.

CAD CAM dentistry

The process now, is the patient is given an estimate based on the number of implants that are placed, then its up to the general dentist to provide an appliance based on that number of implants which may or may not be what the patient wants.

Have you recently lost your dental insurance?

Our office can help! We recently signed up to become a provider for theTuscaloosa County Dental Discount Program. This program helps individuals and their families with the cost of dental treatment. Please contact our office at (205)633-1900 for more information or visit to register.

Tuscaloosa Dentist: Checkups & Exams are Key to Prevention

To schedule a new patient appointment, please call our Tuscaloosa dentist office at (205) 633-1900, or email us at We serve patients in the Tuscaloosa, Northport, and the surrounding communities. James S. Kimbrell, D.M.D. provides cosmetic, dental implant makeovers, and restorative dentistry to patients of all ages. We specialize in experienced conservative dentistry; the comfort of our patients is our first concern.

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