Modern Diet Can Pose a Risk to Your Teeth

Modern Diet Can Pose a Risk to Your Teeth

The Acid Truth: Our Modern Diet Can Pose a Risk to Your Teeth

The ProNamel “Acid Truth” Initiative Reveals the Potential Impact of Everyday Foods and Drinks on Tooth Enamel and Presents Simple Solutions for Helping to Protect Your Teeth

A dentist shines a light on how acid erosion has caused one person’s tooth enamel to become transparent* *Image adjusted to illustrate clinical situation. (PRNewsFoto/GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare)

MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa., Feb. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Millions of Americans are just a month into their New Year’s resolutions to improve their diet, but what most people don’t realize is that everyday foods and drinks, even healthier choices, that are core to today’s modern diet can cause their tooth enamel to become weakened and softened, which can then be more easily brushed away over time.  This condition is known as Acid Erosion.

Acid Erosion can lead to a change in the color and shape of your teeth and can also cause teeth to become sensitive.  The five signs of Acid Erosion include tooth enamel that is 1) weakened, 2) thinning, 3) transparent-see through, 4) yellowing and 5) dull enamel.  Only a dental healthcare professional can assess tooth enamel appropriately.

The prevalence of Acid Erosion is a widespread and growing global issue, impacting young and older adults alike.  In the US, 22 percent of adultsclaim to have personally experienced Acid Erosion.1 However, the signs of Acid Erosion may not be easily recognizable by the naked eye.  In August 2013, the findings of a ground breaking study2, called ESCARCEL, were presented at a global dental conference.  This study, the first pan-European investigation into the prevalence of tooth wear and dentine hypersensitivity and its associated risk factors, revealed that one-third of adults aged 18-35 are already showing signs of Acid Erosion. Millions of American adults may be showing signs and symptoms without realizing it, so it’s important to speak with your dentist about Acid Erosion and to take steps now to help protect your enamel from the effects of acids in everyday foods and drinks.

Nationally renowned dentist Dr. Debra Glassman has teamed up with GlaxoSmithKline, the makers of ProNamel Toothpaste, to educate Americans about the Acid Truth – the surprising potentially negative impact of everyday food and drinks on our teeth enamel.  While many popular food items may be low in fat or calories, they can be high in acid which can cause tooth enamel to become weaker, softer and more sensitive over time.  Further, it may take only as few as four of these items per day to increase the risk of Acid Erosion.

“It’s not just drinks like soda drinks or red wine that can cause Acid Erosion.  Most people are surprised to learn that healthier food choices, like fruit (e.g., oranges, apples and lemons), fruit juices, energy drinks, vitamin waters, even sparkling water with lemon, can increase the risk of Acid Erosion,” said Dr. Glassman.  “All Americans should know their own Acid Truth – they should consider how many acid-rich foods they are consuming per day and how they can best take action to mitigate risk. People can visit today to take a 4-question quiz to determine their own Acid Truth.”

“The important take-away for the public is that you don’t have to make any dramatic changes to mitigate your risk of Acid Erosion; there are simple solutions to help prevent further loss.”  Following are five simple, proven steps that everyone can take to help reduce their risk for Acid Erosion:

  1. Don’t give up healthy food in your diet, particularly fruit, but do take a fresh look at how you eat it
  2. Don’t swish, swirl or hold acidic foods in your mouth for too long
  3. Many drinks, especially carbonated ones, can contribute to acid erosion. Try drinking through a straw or substituting the soft drinks with water or milk
  4. Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after eating or drinking and make sure you’re using a soft-bristled tooth brush
  5. Consider using a fluoride mouthwash, like ProNamel Fluoride Rinse, along with a fluoride toothpaste, to give you extra protection from the effects of everyday acidic foods and drinks

“What most of my patients don’t realize is that all toothpastes are not the same,” said Dr. Glassman. “That’s why I always tell my patients to try ProNamel – it has a unique formulation.  It has been proven to strengthen weakened tooth enamel, helping protect from the effects of everyday acids. And in my book, it’s a great first-line of defense against today’s modern diet.”

Visit for more information and to learn your acid truth.

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ProNamel® is the #1 dentist recommended brand for protection against the effects of Acid Erosion.  ProNamel® Toothpaste has a unique formulation designed to keep our enamel, healthy, strong and well protected from the effects of every day acids.  For more information on ProNamel® visit:

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* Dr. Debra Glassman is a paid spokesperson for the Acid Truth campaign but opinions are her own.


  1. Weinman Schnee Morais Inc. Online Omnibus Survey conducted during November, 2012, among a U.S. Census representative sample of 1,025 adults 18+
  2. Bartlett et al. Prevalence of tooth wear on buccal and lingual surfaces and possible risk factors in young European adults. Journal of Dentistry 41 (2013) 1007-13

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