Could Sinus Pressure be the Cause behind your Toothache


You know the scenario. You wake up one morning with the whole one side of your face feeling like it is being squeezed in a vise that won’t let loose. The pain may be accompanied by painful swelling in your ear. You’re in so much discomfort, you can’t determine where the pain is originating. Is it a sinus infection? Maybe it is an abscessed tooth. You need to see a medical professional, because it could be either.

Sinus Pressure and Teeth

The sinus cavities lie behind your eyes, cheeks and nose. Normally these air-filled pockets have a thin layer of mucous that drains easily, but sometimes the mucous becomes thick and won’t drain. This causes an infection. The one sinus cavity is placed against the jawbone and the pressure from the built-up mucous creates pressure on the tooth roots in the area, which then becomes pain that is seemingly from your teeth.

Tooth Problems and Sinuses

When a tooth becomes infected, especially the root, an abscess can form, causing a pus-filled bubble to press against the tooth – and the sinus cavity. The infection from the tooth can drain into the sinus cavity, causing it to fill and become infected.


You will likely need to make appointments with both your family doctor and your dentist. It is important to determine the cause of the problem—your sinuses or your teeth—in order to prevent future complications.

In both cases, you will likely be prescribed an antibiotic. Before a determination of cause can be made, it is important to get the swelling down, relieve the pressure and treat the infection. Once that is done, it will be easier to determine which of the two is causing the pain. It is only at that point that measures can be taken to deal with the cause.

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