Teach Me How To Brushy

oral hygiene

Oral Hygiene RAP


They be like Mouth

Can you teach me how to Brushy? (Ah – huh)

You know why? (Why?)

Cause all my teeth love me. (ok)

All my teeth love me.

All I need’s a brush in good condition and for you,you to use toothpaste and brushy. Eeyy!

Put your arms out in front and brush it up and down.

Germs be leaving when they see you on that brushy ride.

Ain’t no black and tartar living in my mouth tonight.

You gotta brush right until the morning light (ok)

Pull out your string and it’s time to get your flossy on

Get at the food make your gums grow up nice and strong (yeah)

I brush and floss every night

So I grow up healthy no sign of gum disease,

There’s how to brushy yoy!

Brushy, brushy!


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